Fendi Suede Diamond Heel Pump

Not all designers take advantage of the full spectrum of shoe real estate. In fact, most of them stick to simply embellishing the “upper,” which is the portion of the shoe that covers the top and rear of the foot. Shoes that fit that description are often gorgeous, but as Christian Louboutin showed us all, great things can happen when you start experimenting with the rest of the visual space that a shoe has to offer. Lately, Fendi has made the distinctive heel its bread and butter.

Fendi is, of course, a big fan of embellishing a heel from every angle you can imagine, and perhaps even some that you hadn’t considered. Where the brand’s particular modern inventiveness shines, though, is around back. From heels that look like they came from the future to heels that look like they were created at Hogwarts, Fendi’s got it covered.

Fendi Austen Platform Loafer
$790 via Neiman Marcus

Fendi Austen Platform Loafer

Fendi Suede Diamond Heel Pumps
$1,050 via Neiman Marcus

Fendi Suede Diamond Heel Pump

Fendi Stud Heel Ankle Wrap Sandals
$890 via Neiman Marcus

Fendi Stud Heel Ankle Wrap Sandal
  • Gorgeous. After Kirkwood, Fendi makes the best shoes out there.

  • Awesome shoes, love it!

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