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For anyone not a fan of dressing up for Halloween (I am actually including myself with this statement), Charlotte Olympia has given us an alternative by providing some quirky footwear with this Charlotte Olympia Halloween Collection. If there’s one thing to appreciate about Charlotte Dellal, designer of the brand, its her ability to take such literal things and turn them into bold luxury designs, whether or not you would actually wear them.

For anyone familiar with the brand, I’m sure you can already imagine the very literal and irreverent footwear you will see in the gallery below. For those unfamiliar, get ready. To balance out the quirkiness of the Trick or Treat Embroidered Slipper or the various Bat-themed pumps, what makes these products luxurious is Dellal’s attention to detail. For instance, the She Wolf Pump. Even though this is a very unusual pump that many people would probably shy away from, if you look at the silhouette, it’s impressive. The wolf is configured in a way that makes you do a double take to realize that, yes, that is indeed a wolf on your shoe; from afar, it just looks like another black and white patterned pump. As much as I was impressed with that design, I gravitated more towards the embroidered flats. If I had a spare $695 laying around, the Bite Me Kitty Slippers would be mine in an eery second.

In case you were wondering, this collection does go beyond footwear and you can also carry a Halloween clutch as well.

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