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Rhinestones, heavy embellishments a super-luxe look are the driving force behind the Le Silla brand. While some people may shy away from an overly ornamented shoe, the brand proves that subtle and impactful ornamentation does indeed exist, especially with the Le Silla Lace Up High Top Sneakers, Pointed Toe Booties and Studded Booties.

Even though all three share the same color palette and crystal studs, all are similar and yet drastically different. First first we have the sneakers which, out of the three, have the most ornamentation. The crystal studs are set on both the the cap toe and the back of the sneaker, while the rest of the shoe has a quilted leather pattern. Next up, the deep-v, all-leather Pointed Toe Booties are a subdued and luscious ankle boot with the crystal studs resting on the suede cap toe. Lastly, the Studded Booties are understated for a shoe with so much shine – the crystals set solely on the back of the boot. By placing these crystals on one small area of the shoe instead of throughout the entire upper, they become much more versatile when incorporating them into your wardrobe. This non-ostentatious approach illustrates that studs can even be worn on the most casual of days along with the fanciest of nights.

Le Silla Lace Up High Top Sneakers
$699 via Bloomingdale’s

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Le Silla Studded High Heel Booties
$732 via Bloomingdale’s

Le Silla Pointed Toe Booties- Studded HIgh Heel.jpg

Le Silla Studded Booties
$891 via Bloomingdale’s

Le Silla Studded Booties.jpg

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