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Although I have a ton of shoes, there’s one pair that I always love to bring out: my Christian Louboutin Mehari Gold Printed Snake Sandals. I fall in love with them a little more every time I wear them. They’re that special pair of shoes that makes me feel pretty and badass all at the same time. The ones that take my all-black outfit up another notch. That’s why I’ve chosen this very special pair as the first subject for my TalkShoes Testimonial.

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4.5I love the fact that prior to seeing the red sole, I had several people ask “Who makes those?” because they’re a bit hard to pinpoint one exact designer. They’re beautifully crafted and I’m a huge fan of mixing textures with the suede and gold stamped snakeskin leather.

I love the fact that these shoes are a statement shoes in a classic color combination. I’ve paired these so many times with a simple black dress and they instantly change the outfit. As someone shorter, I usually tend to stay away from ankle straps, but these manage to not cut off my legs because the thick straps are a bit looser than normal, which allows your legs and feet to look skinnier.

Comfort & Functionality

4The chunky heel makes these shoes extremely easy to walk in despite their height. I’ve walked plenty of blocks in these, worn them for plenty of events and danced the night away, with my feet feeling pleasantly surprised after hours in these.

The mixing of the textures also makes these shoes feel as if they can be worn all year long. With the gold leather in the front and the black suede in the back, these are perfect for almost any month of the year. Not to mention they’re black and gold, which means they can pretty much go with just about anything in your closet.

Quality & Construction


As with almost all shoes, I recommend getting them soled for durability. And yes, you can get them resoled with red soles. The leather and suede have held up relatively well in my book. The snake-stamped leather makes spot cleaning easy after a long night out – city grime wipes right off.

My only worry about the shoes’ construction is the fact that the leather straps are a bit looser already, and overtime I don’t want them to get any looser and sag. Right now they seem to be holding up just fine, but I worry that the ankle straps specifically will begin to droop.

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This lovely pair is a little more special that your typical Louboutin pumps, but not over-embellished, which is why they retailed for about $995. If you’re an avid shoe lover, then you’ll understand why the splurge sometimes feels worth it. The initial trying-on, the unboxing, having them stare back at me in closet every day – yep, it was worth it.

Staying power


The actual shoe’s shape is pretty trendy, but because of the color,s I definitely think they have plenty of staying power in them. The stamped snakeskin leather has been around for the past couple of years, and with metallics continuing to take off, these shoes will be a statement shoe for plenty more seasons to come. If you ask me, it’s highly doubtful this pair will go out of style anytime soon.

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Total Score

4They encompass everything I love in a shoe. They’re high yet comfortable, classic yet trendy. They’re one of my favorite shoes in my closet, and they’ll always have a special place in my heart because they were my first pair of red soles. The perfect heels for a city girl.

Shop Louboutin shoes via Saks for your own pair of red soles.

  • Sandra

    I like the new post…I will watch for more to come.

  • Guest

    honestly, they don’t look very flattering; too tight on the feet and too loose on the ankles.

  • kiwigirl

    I agree with the guest below I’m afraid.. they are not flattering at all.. the way the straps are positioned make the big toe joint poke out … it looks like a bunion! I don’t think they look flattering on the leg either.. but maybe if we saw your whole leg that would change… Sorry, I’m not sold on these at all…

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