In 2005, the It Bag craze took over the accessory world. In fact, when we started PurseBlog the height of the It Bag was nearing its peak. At the time I was not involved with shoes as much, my bag addiction took front seat. But if I had to place a shoe into the “it shoe” category, the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Platform Sandals would be there front and center.

I mean, look at these shoes! How can you not fall instantly in love with the design?

I am in love with these shoes, head-over-heels. The one aspect holding me back is the overall heel being 6″. You guys, I am 5’10” (pushing near 5’11”). I am not complaining about my height, but super high heels were never my thing. I continue to embrace heels more and more, but these shoes give me height anxiety. I need to work on that. Because otherwise these shoes are perfect.

The YSL Tribute Sandals speak for themselves, having an iconic design with the crisscrossing bands of leather and buckled T-strap. The covered platform is 1.25″ while the heel is an additional 4.75″. There are multiple color options. When I covered these shoes on my Jungle Theme day on PurseBlog, I fell in love with the green. As much as I love the green pair, I feel like the brown will not only be more wearable but also show off the design perfectly. Buy via Saks for $760.

What is the tallest heel you wear?

  • Rachel

    In love love love!

  • madamelizaking

    I’m so in love with the tribute!! if I cheat on Monsieur Louboutin it will definitley be with YSL!!

  • rosasharn78

    I love these shoes but I’m terrified I’d break my ankle attempting to walk in them.

  • Prisilia

    I wish I can wear shoes this tall…Although this would definitely make me looks so much taller!

  • Maria

    I have lusted over these shoes for so long now… But also think I’m too tall to wear a 6 inch heel =.(

  • Brenda C

    Love the green ones! I’m not usually a fan of green but these are hot!

  • Kel

    I’m fairly tall [5’8″], but I would LOVE to rock those green YSLs!

  • Mary

    I love those green ones, too!

  • Laureen

    I adore these in green!

  • Ashley

    The green ones are amazing… And yes, brown/black would be more practical. But green is super fun! And you would likely get so many more, “Oh my God, you’re shoes are AMAZING” comments in the green, don’t you think?

  • Linda

    I have these in burgundy patent and love them. They are a bit unwieldy to walk in, though, and I’m considering getting a black pair in the lower heel version.

  • kemji

    YSL makes this in a lower heel as well. I’m not sure if they come in these colors but they are quite nice too. I’m 5’9″ and I don’t feel comfortable wearing sky high heels either, which is a shame cos these days, most of the really beautiful shoes come have 5″ heels and above. Sigh!!!

  • Michelle

    They almost look like jelly sandals, and I kind of like it!

  • mochababe73

    Take an inch off of the shoe, and I would love them.

  • Minal

    I LOVE the Tribute sandals… LOVE! For such high heels, they are very comfy!! You should go for it (and hey, being tall and supermodel-y isn’t a bad thing)! πŸ™‚ I have the black patent, blue patent (sale find!), luggage kid and black suede/gold trim (outlet find) and would even consider a fifth (not now though)! The green is fabulous… practically a pseudo neutral, because it would work with both brown and black (and so much in between)! πŸ™‚

  • 19yearslater

    I’ll only go up to four inches, and I’m only 5’7” But the green are so beautiful, I can’t help but admire them.

  • sara

    140mm is my current max heel height but i’m still dying for a pair of trib sandals. i want them in green, black patent….and some of the more special ones but not because they’re so expensive!

  • Redseouls

    Gosh! I. Must. Have. This. Shoe!!!

  • Leona

    I have a pair in black & they are soooo comfy! I need nude or brown ones! They are definitly an attention getter though, so for me, I’d skip then in a bright colour.

  • LuluMakeup25

    I love these shoes! Just saw them at Neiman Marcus this past weekend and it was love! Perfect for a short gal like me (4’11”)!

  • mrsmere66

    Green! Ooooohhh….. I want these in green!

  • Tiffany

    Sooo..pretty! I want them all!

  • indi3r4

    it’s like you read my mind! I’m eyeing a pair of these shoes.. πŸ˜€

  • Jane

    I love them oh so much

  • Hannah R.

    The shape of these is so sexy and womanly. this would make any girl’s leg look gorgeous!

  • Annette Chung

    I want these! This is a classic!

  • Hannah

    nice, they’re exactly what i need πŸ™‚ height!!! πŸ˜›

  • Mama Laura

    YSL always has great shoes

  • SoCaFashionista

    I must admit I was hesitant to cheat on Msr. Louboutin and purchase the YSL Tributes in black patent. But once I put them on it was literally like walking on air! Most comfortable platforms ever! truly amazing!

  • Idealist

    Love that u guys hv expanded 2 shoes! How awesome is that BUT i have to contest to the ysl tributes I’m soooo over them!

  • shoelover

    love them and i am pettite and still trying to figure out which is the best color to buy

  • Haylee

    I totally know how you feel, i’m 5’10” and usually shy away from the super high heels but these I would certainly make an exception for!

  • daniel

    these are classics!

  • Kym

    The emerald color is just fantastic. Like many women, I have a closet full of black shoes and love to see some color that can work almost as a basic.

  • Emily

    I’m fairly short, so I love a tall heel! These seem to fit the bill!

  • Josephine

    i hv the lower heel version in brown and they r v comfy! it looks great with a brown bag and jeans!!!

  • karolynka

    I think these are a stunning classic..I’m petite so I jump easily on the super high heel bandwagon!! πŸ˜‰ imagine the green ones when you’re tanned!! Gorgeous!!

  • Miss.Cherie

    LOVE! I am pretty small so these are good for me. They look so… lovely. I just want to cuddle them! Haha I have strange thoughts if I really, really love a shoe.

  • Treselle

    I love love shoes! Absolutely positively love! The only downside is whenever I go shoe shopping, I have to look at the heel height before I even look at anything. The highest I will go is about 4.25″ and that is pushing it. 4″ are perfect for me though. Before I used to say 3″ and below, but high heels are hotter than short heels. But I’m dying for a brown pair too! They are such classics. You would love the lower heel version!! Those are on my wishlist!

  • Treselle

    Oh, and my blackberry has become my shoe ruler. Nothing higher than my blackberry! πŸ™‚

  • chrissie

    My shoe money usually goes towards CL’s but I definitely love the look of these Tributes. I would love a pair in gray!

  • faith24

    looove them! i am 5 feet tall, so i can get away with any high heel and still look small πŸ™‚

  • Caitlin

    Cant wait until i purchase my first pair! they are to DIE FOR!

  • Ashley

    Theyre ok. Nothing special. I would never pay that price for something so boring.

  • mikoism

    sigh i would give a cup of blood for a pair!!!

  • yy

    LOVE the green!!

  • fsc

    these are cute. you dont see many green shoes around and these green ones look very elegant

  • erg

    These are absolutely beautiful, though the heel is far too high for comfort.

  • Tina

    gorgeous shoe. the platform actually makes the shoe pretty walkable. i’m 5’6 and i would definitely wear these.

  • Katrina

    Love the black! it’s so classic.

  • Sarah Hirsch

    I could see why these would be an It Shoe – they’re a nice design.

  • lem

    i’m a shortie… just a tad over 5′ but i’ve never been able to walk straight in any pair higher than 4″

    but these look gorgeous and if anything if i’m gonna risk a face-plant moment, this might just be it!

  • Adrienne zedella

    where’ve ya been?

  • Janice

    I have these shoes in navy. la la love them!

  • jo

    one pair in black plz

  • Michelle

    The green shade is divine and would look especially good paired with a tan!

  • quimerula

    I’d like then in every colour, thanks.
    My higher heels are a CL NΒΊ Prive 120 (4.5 inches).

  • nicole

    nice and simple, the black ones are awesome

  • Kelly

    I like these. I’m tall, too, and I’ve finally learned to embrace my height lol so I’d totally wear these!

  • Chelsea Clark

    Tallest heel I’ll wear is about 4.5″ and they’ve got to be comfortable.. or I’ve got to be sitting the majority of the time, haha.

  • ter garney

    Love the color choices!

  • ed hardy

    Love the color choices!

  • monicah kobusingye

    u really do make ma days ok thanx a lot

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