Isabel Marant Spring 2014 Shoes (4)

I normally don’t root against a designer, but in the case of Isabel Marant, I think she’s earned a bit of ire. It was Marant, of course, that ushered fashionable women the world over into the abomination that is high-heeled sneakers, and they’re a scourge on the face of fashion that refuses to let up. Marant does have a knack for outfitting the fashion set in its off-duty hours, though, especially with shoes that are not-so-loosely based on other shoes, so I suppose that her Spring 2014 take on the Birkenstock Gizeh was to be expected.

Birkenstocks, especially the Gizeh model, have enjoyed a bit of a resurgence in fashion circles of late. Much of their appeal is that they’re easy and minimal, which fits perfectly with the direction in which the style world’s prevailing attitudes are heading. Marant’s versions, which graced her Spring 2014 Paris runway recently, take that pleasant sleekness and absolutely decimate it, adding rivets, bows and laces that just aren’t necessary or attractive.

The other half of the runway shoe collection was similarly odd, with collared booties that just didn’t look particularly sharp or cool, which is generally the designer’s stock-in-trade. We might get a rare season off from Marant Mania, which would be a welcome respite for at least me.

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  • Sandra

    I will agree this this offering is less than optimal…but IM has still brought up pretty cool boots like the Dicker and Coleen…

  • shueaddict

    Dear Lord, the gladiator birkenstock …It is amazing just how influential she is (hate of wedgesneakers notwithstaning)

  • nafnaf

    i think some very long legged supermodel or some uber cool celebrity will wear the skinniest of skinny jeans or the shortest of the short ripped denim shorts and look amazingly good.. and we, the regular people will wish to wear these and fail miserably! hahahaha.. (just kiddin’)

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