I love fall, I really do, but if there’s one thing I hate about it it’s the fact that cold-weather shoes tend to cost more, which usually results in less shoe shopping. While I have fallen in love with plenty of beautiful leather boots and printed flats, I can’t afford to splurge on all of them at once, so I am constantly perusing the internet for similar styles.

This week I fell in love with a pair of Jil Sander Polished Leather Ankle Boots, which are edgy, refined and just begging to be mine. While my initial thought process was to purchase the shoes and don’t look at the price, I quickly convinced myself to shop around before I made such a rash decision.

Lucky for me, I quickly came across a very similar pair from Zara at a fraction of the price with the same overall aesthetic. Of course, you can’t compare the quality of the two shoes, but for the difference in price, the Zara ones are definitely worth the steal.

If you’re looking to save, you can purchase these Zara Boots for $159 via Zara or splurge on the Jil Sander pair via Net-a-Porter for $995.

Jil Sander Polished Leather Ankle Boots
$995 via Net-a-Porter

Jil Sander Polished Leather Ankle Boots

Zara Black Leather Boots
$159 via Zara

Zara Black Leather Boots
  • This may sound odd, but I like the Zara ones better ! The heel is a little bit thinner which makes the shoe more feminine. They are made of leather, so they’re bound to last at least a winter, I suppose.

    • shueaddict

      ha ha …. just like most things Zara … but they do look better in the pictures.

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