Sophia Webster Dixie Doodle Pencil-Print T-Strap Sandal.jpg

We all remember doodling in the margins of our history books, but did you ever think of wearing those scribbled masterpieces? Well, London-based designer Sophia Webster seems to have had just that idea, and she thinks we should flaunt her doodles with this Sophia Webster Dixie Doodle Pencil-Print Sandals. Many of you are going to think I am downright crazy for coveting this sandal (maybe it’s because I am a writer), but these shoes are simply calling my name.

Webster was once the design assistant to Nicholas Kirkwood, and the influence of Kirkwood’s quirky, modern aesthetic is clear. Webster’s creativity is literally her muse for this doodle sandal, with an embroidered pencil resting on the T-strap with squiggly lines taking form on the front of the sandal. The lined notebook paper is the backdrop for this design, and whether or not you choose to wear this sandal, we can all take something from the idea it evokes. Sometimes in both fashion and life, it’s ok to doodle in the margins.

Try on this doodle sandal through Saks for $650.


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