Curved Heel Trend

That’s right, it’s an invasion, and you can take that statement however you wish. The now-ubiquitous curved heel actually comes in two forms: concave heel, which curves outward, and the convex heel, which curves inward toward the sole. The outward-shaped heels have been around for a few seasons now thanks to brands like Walter Steiger and Alexander McQueen, and the inward-curving heel has gained popularity because of Giuseppe Zanotti, among others. For fall, designers with aesthetics as disparate as Nicholas Kirkwood and Gucci are now incorporating this creative detail into their collections.

Let’s tackle the first question on everyone’s mind, comfort and wearability. Despite their architecturally daunting appearance, curved heels are actually very comfortable heels to walk in, or at least as comfortable as an average heel of a similar height. As long as the point of contact on the ground is the same as it would be if a stiletto heel were to take its place, how the heel gets from the bottom of your foot to that spot on the ground doesn’t make that big of a difference. On top of that, the curved heel, no matter its color, texture or material, offers a very different style than a straight heel can provide; it’s modern and sometimes a bit futuristic. Don’t believe me? Just look at Sarah Silverman’s $65 red carpet dress paired with Walter Steiger Taper Toe Platform Pumps. What are your thoughts – are you on board with the curved heel trend? We have some shoes below that might pique your interest.

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  • shueaddict

    Designers try to push new forms and push the envelope, which I do admire. The curved heel is just one of these trends. But it can be terribly unflattering (marginally better than kitten heels) or just look pain weird. It looks good on editorial but terrible in real life.

    Platforms, on the other hand (make that peep toe platforms) seem to be a trend we just cannot get rid off – why? because they make most women look good.

  • JaneH

    I don’t like the curve of the Alberto Moretti one because I feel like it looks like the heel crumpled under the weight of the wearer…….

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