At 24 years old, I feel as though I’m much too young to be getting married, but like most women, that hasn’t stopped me from pontificating on wedding fashion since the time I was a small child. An episode of Say Yes to the Dress can reel me in like almost no other show of its kind on television, and now that they’re making an Atlanta version? I may never watch anything else, ever again.

Still, I’ve never been terribly attracted to traditional wedding finery. I want something unique and maybe a bit odd at my wedding, and that goes for the dress all the way down to the jewelry. I could see myself wearing the Alaia Cutout Calf Hair Platforms with a retro cocktail-length dress to emphasize my shoes, for instance. When I say I want something different, I mean it, and I’m not attached to the idea of a formal wedding.

These laser-cut booties are so gloriously detailed and intricate that they deserve to be worn to no less important (and heavily photographed) an event as a wedding, not to mention that the combination of the color, material and price point makes them abundantly impractical for any other purpose. Expertly carved calf hair is carefully laid over suede to create the three-dimensional effect that we see above, and porous, pale materials rarely make for long-lasting shoes. For one special day, though, these platforms would be beautiful. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2375.

  • Melissa H

    Very interesting and wonderfully detailed! I love a wedding/bride’s style with a bit of uniqueness and individuality thrown in and these shoes definitely fit that.
    And I agree on the Say Yes to the Dress – At-lan-Ta! as Monty would say…

    • Amanda Mull

      Say Yes to the Dress on Friday nights is my kryptonite. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been supposed to be getting ready to go out for the night and ended up so incredibly late because I get sucked in. I’m such a nerd for that show.

  • Laureen

    I love the idea of these as wedding shoes! Also, the DVR is your friend!

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  • stilettonizer

    Love this shoes, it looks so romantic yet edgy.


  • mochababe73

    I don’t like the shoes. I think that they’re ugly. There is no way that I would wear those at my wedding.

  • Chris

    Hmmm, I agree with you, I do not think that you have to wear traditional white shoes (or white at all) at your wedding. However, I think these shoes are clumsy – I do not like them.

  • princesscnk

    i do not live a lifestyle that justifies me wearing $2000+ shoes (handbags, yes!!!!!, shoes, no) however, i would spring for these!!!! with that being said, alaia makes amazing pieces!!!!! SICK!!!!

  • Penny Pederson

    I really love these unique shoes…was actually looking for a wedding “boot-like” heel to go with a shorter Gatsby looking wedding dress for an outdoor February wedding. These won’t do, but definitely innovative!

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