Alexander McQueen Platform Boot and Alexander McQueen Skull Degrade Pashmina Scarf.jpg

Scarves and boots are an accessory power couple. As soon as I saw this Alexander McQueen Skull Degrade Pashmina Scarf, I added it to my “things I eventually will get around to buying when I have more money” list (ask anyone in the office, this list really does exist). But a good scarf is only as great as the outfit it completes, and that was when my quest to find a great boot began. When I first saw these Alexander McQueen Platform Boot, I wasn’t a fan. The ornamentation is overwhelming. However, when paired with this fairly muted scarf, they make an interesting duo.

When I first saw this boot, I thought this would be the perfect boot for the fashionable Inuit, but when paired with a slightly edgy scarf, the shoes complete a look of laid-back, cutting-edge cool. What originally wasn’t working for me was the fur trimming outlining the lace-up part of the boot, but sometimes a shoe, scarf or any accessory comes to life when paired with something that either compliments or enhances its overall appearance. Together, this look works for me.

Alexander McQueen Platform Boot
$1,698 via Farfetch

Alexander McQueen Platform Boot.jpg

Alexander McQueen Skull Degrade Pashmina Scarf
$795 via Farfetch

Alexander McQueen Skull Degrade Pashmina Scarf.jpg
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