Armani Spring 2014 Shoes (6)

Really, the question in the title of this post is rhetorical, or at the very least, moot. I already know the answer to it, and there will be absolutely no discussion. Very little in fashion criticism is so objective that it can’t even be discussed in good faith, but there’s no way anyone thinks the shoes that Giorgio Armani sent down his Spring 2014 runway are anything other than the absolute worst of the season. Nothing so catastrophic will happen in the rest of the Paris shows that with dethrone them, I guarantee you.

Cowboy boots are a difficult theme on which to base a shoe in the first place – almost all riffs on the style look cartoonish unless the person designing them is Isabel Marant. Even Miuccia Prada tried and failed to make the neo-cowboy boot a thing, and her rose-embellished versions from Miu Miu are still languishing on designer outlet sites, all these seasons later. No one wants this stuff! Someone didn’t tell Armani that, though, because not only did he make quasi-cowboy boots, but he made them half-flip-flop, part mesh and, at times, part fishnet. Don’t even get me started about the color choices. Mercifully, most of the versions had low, chunky heels, but every once in a while, a high heeled version came down the runway, as if to remind the viewer that, oh yes, it can get worse. It can always get worse.

You really have to see these shoes to believe them. I’m sorry to do this to you on a lovely Friday, but you can check them out below.

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  • nam

    Not only were the shoes so horrible, the models’ feet were not neat and polish, like people in charge of the show were not prepared and didn’t really care! Just ugh.

  • I am literally speechless. Somehow the shoes from Hot Topic look good now.

  • laura

    What the hell happened here? The shoes are ugly, no doubt, but the feet are even worse. Those models need a pedicure so bad!

  • Larisa P

    Well, I am obviously not the only one hating the model’s feet more then the shoes.

  • SloSny

    well, i guess all these feet just showed us that even super models does not have perfect bodies. That’s why we should enjoy our lives and learn how beautiful we actually are.

  • Amanda

    Mother of pearl! No!

  • Nappy

    All i can say is: bunion much? Hahahaha. Foot fetishists need not view hahaha

  • Oh no….

  • Jeloi

    you can see the bones in her feet, the shoes are ugly, yes, but she her feet are frightening.

  • Michel

    The model’s feet look like that because they wear lots of new pairs during FW so you know how it is when you wear new shoes, and also sometimes shoes are not their size so add that to the problem…

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