Alexander McQueen Pearl Crystal and Velvet Pumps

On a recent (and sadly fruitless) shoe expedition to buy some Prada with a friend, we came across the Alexander McQueen Pearl, Crystal and Velvet Pumps. Even though fall has fully arrived in New York’s finer retail locations, the look of the shoe still seemed aggressively season-pushing. I hadn’t yet fully processed my feelings on why when my shopping partner in crime verbalized exactly what the problem is – this design is like Christmas distilled down into a single shoe, and we’re still three merciful months away.

Perhaps this image doesn’t do the design justice, but in person, this shoe is the only way I can think of that one might ever slip Christmas onto her feet. Against a plush velvet background, McQueen has studded the shoe with gold thread, red crystals and stark white pearls. The colors and textures so perfectly capture those of the holiday season, and specifically those of a swanky holiday party, that I can’t imagine the shoe’s designer had anything else in mind when creating it. If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy Christmas at a castle but can’t scrape up the funds to buy one, consider these kicks instead. Buy through Matches for $854.


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