Louis Vuitton Exclusive Shoe for Saks Fifth Avenue

You might not think of Louis Vuitton as a shoe brand, but the brand would like you to reconsider your assumptions. Not only did Vuitton open up its first-ever independent shoe salon on the redesigned footwear floor at New York City’s Saks Fifth Avenue flagship a couple of seasons ago, but now LV is paying tribute to America’s fashion capital in a pair of fabulous pumps. Be quick, though – they’re limited edition.

Thankfully, the Louis Vuitton Exclusive Shoe for Asks Fifth Avenue manages to be a glittering tribute to NYC without having, say, an embroidered Statue of Liberty or something else super literal and obvious. Instead, Vuitton went the sophisticated route with a beautiful brocade in metallic neutrals, topping off with a crystal-encrusted bow and heel. The shoe looks rich and special, and the glow of the combined metallics does indeed recall the Manhattan skyline at dusk.

Not only that, but these shoes very much look like the thing a certain type of die-hard New Yorker wears. If you’ve spent any time on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (west of Lexington, natch), you know who I’m talking about – stately women on who wear brocade to breakfast. If you think that could be you, swing by Saks’ NYC flagship – the shoes, which retail for $1,220, are only available there, and there are only 70 pairs to be had. If you’ve ever been to Saks’ shoe floor on a Saturday, you know how quickly they will probably disappear.


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