Shoe Injury

Fashion Week and blisters go together like peanut-butter and jelly, it’s just natural. Running around in heels and flats for long hours at a time for a week straight definitely takes its toll on your feet. New York Fashion Week ended well over a week ago, and I’m still wearing Band-Aids and tending to blisters. Normally you’d think that most of the blisters came from heels and stilettos, but on the contrary – they all came flats.

I decided it would be a good idea to wear my reflective Cole Haan Oxford Flats on the last day of New York Fashion Week, thinking it would be nice way to reward my feet for a job well done, but boy was I wrong. Within the first ten minutes of walking in my oxfords, I could already feel blisters developing and my heels were already beginning to feel raw. My first instinct was to stop by Duane Reade and grab some Band-Aids to avoid things getting any worse, but little did I know, there was nothing that was going to save me at this point. When I was finally in an appropriate area to take my shoes off, I noticed that the skin on my heels had already been completely ripped off and the stinging sensation was almost too much to handle. So I piled on the Neosporin and slapped on a total of seven bandaids (yes, I said seven) and hoped for the best.

While the bandaids helped a tiny bit, (and when I say tiny, I mean hardly), my feet may as well have been screaming. It was so bad, I almost questioned missing a show in fear I just couldn’t walk anymore. Walking barefoot did cross my mind for a split second, because, well, I figured, it is Fashion Week and almost anything goes…but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. After what seemed like walking forever, I finally made it home to my very comfy couch and my feet were even worse than I’d imagined. Taking a shower felt like needles shooting straight through my heels; the pain was almost unbearable. For the next four days, I had no choice but to live in my Havaianas and Birkenstocks.

So here I am today, my feet have healed a bit, but I’m still sporting Band-Aids in fear my blisters will resurface. This is the WORST pain my feet have ever been through, and I need you to commiserate with me. What’s your worst story of shoe injury?

  • Jamie

    The Tory Burch Revas gave me blisters on the side of my foot because the design is narrow. Apparently, this is a common issue when I went to my TB boutique and asked if there is anything I could do to fix this. They said that most people complain about the same issue on the Revas, and yet it is still the most popular shoe they have. I could only wear my Revas for 2 hours max.

    I totally agree with getting blisters from wearing flats all day, but the trade off is that I cannot walk in high heels and stilletos everyday for walking especially since I live in Seattle and work in the downtown area with lots of hills!

    • laura

      The same thing happened to me with my TB Revas. I thought I was the only one but I was wrong. How can they be so popular if they hurt so bad?

      • Jamie

        I thought that for a while too. I thought for a while that maybe my feet are jut too wide but my friend who has pretty narrow feet has the same problem and it hits her in the same spot where it hits me. When I went to the store even the salesperson confessed to the same thing and old me about some foot balm thing you can buy at a drugstore that’s supposed to help the leather slide against your skin and won’t worsen the possible blister you get. But the problem is not all in the material because I own the suede revas as well and I have the same problem. The flaw is in the design itself. I guess thy were too pretty to be super comfortable.

  • sara

    Sounds horrifically painful. 🙁

    I would have assumed flats the last day would be the answer as well. Were you wearing socks? I have noticed that even wearing thin socks, like trouser socks, etc., helps 100%.

    Feel better.

    • Bea Iturregui

      Yep! They were really thin socks, but I don’t think anything could have saved me from the inevitable blisters.

      On the bright side, at least they looked cute 🙂

  • Ines

    Just had the same experience wearing my new Jeni Kayne d’orsay flats. My heels have blisters, too! Don’t know if I’ll be wearing them again however cute they were. I am on havaianas for the next few days.

  • florcom

    I had a cowrker trip on the last step of the stairs and she fractured her ankle and tore ligaments in her ankle. She was always in high heels and the other ladies were always asking her how she could walk in such high heels and weren’t her feet hurting. She used to always joke that she could run or do anything in high heels. It is sad because it has been almost 3 years and she is still having problems with her ankle and tried wearing her high heels again and her ankle can’t handle them anymore. She is determined to wear her sky high heels again , but for now has to wear flats or really small heels. She won’t get rid of any of her high heels because she says she will wear them again soon.

  • Mel

    I broke my ankle wearing six in heels. Twist my ankle going down and broke my fib/tib bones (spiral fracture) requiring surgery. After they put me back together again I thought I would never wear heels again. However six week in bed and twelve weeks in a cast I am able to wear my beloved heels again. I don’t know what I would do if I could never wear heels again. I’m a little more careful now.

  • Mary

    That sounds like a terrible day!! I recently wore my Tory Burch patent leather flip flops while walking around Paris and had to stop for Band-Aids. The top of my foot looked like ground meat by the end of the day and even worse I now have a scar!! I almost think I’d been better off in heels.

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