Tom Ford Spring 2014 Shoes 2

From his role as creative director for both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent to creating his own fashion brand, Tom Ford has expanded his business by leaps and bounds over the past couple years. As much as we love his beautifully tailored clothing and gorgeous eyewear, his shoes have somehow managed to wedge themselves into a very special place in our hearts. And thanks to the ever-so-popular Jay-Z song, the world’s obsession with Tom Ford has only continued to grow.

While Tom Ford may still be trying to figure out his true role in world of designer handbags, he’s certainly nailed it when it comes to everything else he does, and his Spring 2014 shoes are no exception. The shoes for this spring are beautiful, intricate, and frankly…so Tom Ford. They’re made to be worn by the daring, powerful woman that wants to make a hell of an entrance (ie. Rihanna and Beyonce). His thigh-high glitter-armored boots are crazy in the best way possible and look like they take a team of people to get into, but they cultivated plenty of oohs and ahhs down the runway.

Ford’s simpler shoes were equally as gorgeous, with buttery leather and unique heels that ranged from gold chains to mirrors. While you may not exactly be able to sit down or go to the bathroom (trust us, look at the pictures) in some of Tom Ford’s new shoes, they’re certainly fun to look at. We’re placing our bets that it’s not long before we see Rihanna rocking a pair. Take a closer look at the crazy beautiful collection and let us know what you think!

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  • Okay so I’ve never been a huge fan of is but, OH MY FREAKIN’ GOD! Those shoes with the chain heel are the most unique and beautiful thing I saw on FW so far.

  • Khaya

    My favorite are the cognac colored leather shoes with the chain heel…but can we get some better looking model feet?!?! They almost had me second guessing the shoes smh

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