Mary Katrantzou Spring 2014 Shoes (6)

Actually, to say that the shoes from Mary Katrantzou Spring 2014 were inspired by shoes themselves doesn’t tell the whole story – the entire collection was inspired by shoes, clothes and all, many of them featuring digital prints of laces, wingtipping and nylon sneaker netting, among other things. Those things also appeared on the shoes in a largely tromp l’oeil fashion, albeit with more context (and more pointed placement) than on the clothes. Shoes printed on top of shoes, if you will.

The footwear, made in collaboration with Gianvito Rossi, was a bit of a departure for Katrantzou, who up until now has used Christian Louboutin shoes in her London Fashion Week runway shows. It’s hard to imagine Louboutin collaborating in quite this much detail (his runway collaborations usually involve a limited amount of designer customization), though, and Rossi seems to have been more than game to try something experimental. If these are just a little too weird for you, then perhaps the collection’s floral options will be more your speed. Check out the whole collection below.

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