When I think Prada shoes, the first things that come to mind is chunky, thick-soled and heavy. To be honest, a lot of the time I’ll completely skip over the Prada shoe sections while shopping online because the majority of them just aren’t my style. That’s not to say they don’t have beautiful shoes – Amanda, on the other hand, is a big fan of all things Miuccia. But for some reason, today I clicked my way into the Prada section to find a lovely surprise. I could hardly keep my mouse from purchasing a pair.

With my open-toed heels slowly but surely finding their way back into my closet, I’m on a continuous search for pumps and heeled boots to slip into this fall. I’ve found plenty of heeled boots, but all of them have either been too chunky, too complicated, or just too ugly…until now. The Prada Leather Lace-Up Platform Ankle Boots are nearly perfect. They’re feminine and fierce without big hardware or buckles. Judging by the picture alone, they actually look quite comfortable, considering high their heel is. The platform adds stability and practicality to the shoe, and the boot stops at just the right spot to avoid cutting off your legs.

While these are clearly my favorite from the bunch, I found a couple other gems I would definitely consider purchasing. Specifically, the Cap Toe Ankle Boots, the Chelsea Leather Booties and the Metallic Leather and Satin Sandals. So while I may not be a die-hard Prada shoe lover, they’ve certainly changed my perception of what I once thought. The Lace-Up Platform Ankle Boots are available for $950 via Saks Fifth Avenue or shop the full collection here.

  • Sandra

    I adore the Prada (and many of the Miu Miu) for fall. I purchased the runway zip up lugged sole boots already….and I really think I need to have the moto boots (although they look more like combat boots to me)…

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