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Now that I am over my mixed feelings about September, I’m now anxiously awaiting fall and am especially ready to ditch the sandals and start wearing some fabulous flats and boots. But for the occasional peep-toe pump and heel that I may flaunt on those few summer-like days of fall, I will definitely be wearing this Chanel Vendetta Le Vernis Nail Color. What I love about a deep plum color on my toes is how it gives off different shades of purple in various lighting.

Since we are all starting to wear darker hues, both in our wardrobe and accessories, this color both blends into any outfit and provides a little bit on contrast against a neutral shoe. Go beyond your toes and wear this color on your hands for a rich and polished look. This is a shiny and luxurious color you can flaunt at any point this fall or winter season.

Try this and other shades at Bloomingdales for $27.

  • anouk

    i’m liking this colour!

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