Charlotte Olympia Leading Lady Glitter-Finished Sandals

Nope, can’t think any other way to honor the American beauty, Rita Hayworth, then with these Charlotte Olympia Leading Lady Glitter-Finished Sandals, a shoe that is just as glamorous as as the late actress herself. This all-glitter sandal is a bit subdued compared to many of Olympia’s past designs, and because of this, the message of Old Hollywood glamour is stronger then ever.

Let’s think back to when the flawless Rita Hayworth charmed viewers in Gilda, in which she most famously known for the iconic, sexy hair-flipping scene. She captivated viewers with her beauty, voice and swaying dance moves. She was the epitome of ladylike glamour, both then and now. And while Olympia may have started with a rather quirky idea, she paid homage to the late Hayworth in a sandal befitting the late star. The all-glitter sandal is symbolic of Old Hollywood simply because it is glamorous and show-stopping, mimicking the way Hayworth takes over the movie screen. The crystal embellishment at the top of the T-Strap is then complimented by the pink stones outlining the gem bear the visage of Rita Hayworth at the center of the shoe. The heel height seems dauntingly high, but with Rita Hayworth on your side, anything is possible.

So flip your hair and go buy your Charlotte Olympia sandal via Net-A-Porter for $945.


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