Christian Louboutin x Marchesa Spring 2014 Shoes (13)

Fashion Week shoes can be a bit hit-or-miss. A lot of the brands that show aren’t known for their footwear, and many of the most highly sought-after shoe designers don’t have full-fledged fashion lines that necessitate a show. The best of both worlds happens when a smaller brand collaborates with a huge shoe company for a custom set of shoes, and that’s what happens every year with Christian Louboutin and Marchesa.

Not only does Marchesa’s particular brand of highly embellished femininity take Louboutin’s shoes in a direction that they might not otherwise go, but
the runway shoes always give us a sneak peek of where Louboutin’s ideas might be for the season ahead. Based on this glimpse, the brand will continue to embrace the single-sole trend, despite the fact that Louboutin rose to prominence on the strength of his platforms. There’s also lots of laser-cutting and some significant variation in heel heights, so if you think it’s not a CL without a monster stiletto, you may need to avert your eyes from time to time.

Check out all the runway looks below or shop Louboutin’s current collection via Saks.

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  • Margaret

    I just fell in love with the white ankle strap shoe. In fact, this whole collection is just amazing – no miss at all! Why oh why are these not gonna be sold in stores?! That, to me is a major fashion tragedy ;'(

  • David

    i feel the wrap around laces make the shoes look very fussy. i understand they are holding the foot in but the designs would be much more elegant without them

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