Nicholas Kirkwood Embellished Suede and Mesh Ankle Boots

An all-black ensemble will never be the same again thanks to Mr. Kirkwood. Year after year, a statement shoe contrasting with a little black dress seems to be my default for winter dressing. If I add these Nicholas Kirkwood Embellished Suede and Mesh Ankle Boots to my collection, though, they will take my all black ensembles from ordinary to anything but. All I can say is the man sure knows how to twist a basic black bootie.

This modern bootie revamps the way pearl ornamentation is used. At first glance, I was hooked by the simplicity of the black suede, the parallel rows of pearls and the mesh inserts. The design is elegant, but with just the right note of modernity. When I took a closer look, my heart sped faster when I saw the innovative placement of an oversized pearl in the crevice where the sole of the shoe meets the heel. Aside from the aesthetic pleasure, it was the avant-garde feeling that Kirkwood evokes that won me over. Yes, I will even say I am smitten.

I better start saving my pennies, because these babies are going to cost me. Buy your pair through Net-A-Porter for $1,050.

  • shueaddict

    I just saw these on NAP and had at first the same reaction as you do … then the more I looked at them the more I don’t like the big pearl. I work in an almost exclusively male environment and I don’t think I could take the jokes … they tease me for my fashion choices enough as it is.

  • Now this, is high fashion! Hail the prince of luxury footwear, Kirkwood !

  • nafnaf

    at first sight, i thought it was Chanel. I mean, black and white, the pearls, all iconic stuff for Chanel. and then i saw it was Kirkwood..

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