Kelly Rowland wears Celine Creepers in LA (5)

Creepers, once solely the province of grunge and goth subcultures, have gotten some serious designer love over the last few seasons. Here’s Kelly Rowland, going to dinner at Madeo in LA, wearing Celine Creepers and carrying a Chanel Classic Flap Bag. Both Celine and Chanel have given creepers a spin during this trend’s bizarre infiltration into the world of high fashion.

Kelly has made some very interesting, very casual shoe choices as of late. We recently saw her on her way to another dinner date altogether in these Nike Dunk Ski Hi London Limited Edition Sneakers. On a hunch, I poked around some other fashion sites, and confirmed my suspicion that Kelly has apparently abandoned heels over the past few months – she’s sticking to comfy flats and sneaks.

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  • Anna

    thats rather tacky

  • sara

    Maybe her feet are injured/strained?

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