Lisa Vanderpump wears white Saint Laurent pumps in Beverly Hills (5)

Here’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump, heading into dinner at Villa Blanca in LA (one of her own restaurants, natch). She’s wearing Saint Laurent Janis Pumps. While Saint Laurent tends to angle its marketing toward the young, rich, slightly unhinged rock star types of the world (here’s lookin’ at you, Miley), these pumps look perfectly at home on Lisa. Her style tends to be more feminine and sophisticated, and yet I don’t bat an eye when I see her in this slightly edgy pair of Saint Laurent pumps. You can make them your own for $750 at Barneys.

It’s no surprise that we did see the Saint Laurent Janis Pumps on Miley Cyrus just last month – she donned them at the Teen Choice Awards. Miley paired them with some sort of transparent chiffon top/black bralet/leather mini-skirt combo, which was, as you might suspect, markedly less elegant. Speaking of questionable fashion decisions, is Lisa Vanderpump’s pooch wearing some sort of purple onesie?

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  • Yerani_km

    Yes the pup, who’s full name is Gigolo Vanderpump but he goes by Giggy, has alopecia so he is always fully clothes.

  • Diane Stanton

    These pumps are not feminine or sophisticated?

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