Deborah Lippmann Who Run The World (Girls) Nail Polish Set

Summer only has a little over a week left in its short (tragically short) life, so if you still haven’t gotten the whole neon-bright summer pedicure bug out of your system, we’re here to help. So’s Deborah Lippmann – the Deborah Lippmann Run The World (Girls) Nail Polish Set is five miniature bottles off all the fluorescents you could need to get the most out of the last gasps of the season.

Most nail polish names are groan-worthy at best, but these colors, in addition to being season-appropriate, have cutest theme tie-in I’ve seen in a while. Not only is the set clearly named after a Beyonce song, but all five colors share their monikers with songs that feature the word “girl,” like “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hollaback Girl.” It doesn’t add anything to the polish, of course, but we all like a sassy detail here and there.

Another advantage of this set is that the polishes are minis, which means that for the price of not-quite-three regular Lippmann polishes, you can five colors to choose from. Since I’ve never met anyone who has ever finished a single bottle of nail polish, I bet most of you will happily take the variety over the quantity. Whether you do a toe on each foot in each color or go for multiple solid-color pedis while the warm weather is still here is up to you. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $45.


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