Heidi Klum wears Christian Louboutin Monocronana Sandals (5)

Here’s Heidi Klum at an America’s Got Talent post-show shindig in NYC, donning a fabulous pair of studded, metallic and distinctly un-monochrome Christian Louboutin Monocronana Sandals. We spotted Ashley Tisdale in these exact same Louboutins last month. Tragically, they’re no longer available online, but you can shop an extensive selection of Louboutins via Net-a-Porter.

I have to give Heidi a special nod for her fantastic, glittery dark blue pedicure. There’s really no point in strapping on an $800 pair of open-toed sandals unless you’re going to pay a professional to make your toes look like a million bucks. (It seems the term “investment shoes” has a double meaning, when it comes to designer sandals. )

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  • Khaya

    I dropped the ball with these CRAZY! Smh…I have been looking everywhere for them for a month, but no cigar. I pray they bring these back in a new color for next Spring/Summer season 🙁

  • Sorry the only thing i can focus is that boobage ! Totally not suited for a woman her age.

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