Put a Sock In It

Usually when talking about fall footwear, we tend to focus on shoes themselves, but we often forget about is what lies beneath those beautiful leather boots. Over the past couple of years, socks have made a big fashion statement in and of themselves in the closets of both and women. Quirky printed patterns and celebrity sock lines (ahem…Rob Kardashian) have continued to pop up over the years and there’s no sign of the sock game slowing down.

Maybe it’s the colorful polka-dots you spot when a man sits down in his suit, or the tiny little bulldogs you see the girl on the train wearing when she rolls up her jeans, but something about a printed sock just warms our hearts. It’s an unexpected, subtle surprise that most of the time goes unnoticed, but when caught, makes you happy. It’s your own little secret – knowing what lies beneath your shoes. Spice up your sock game this fall by slipping into some of our favorite prints. Take a look at the gallery below.

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