Kate Spade Le Taxi Slingback Pump

“Tall?” “Literal?” There are a lot of potential ways to end our Fill in the Blank sentence when it comes to the Kate Spade Le Taxi Slingback Pumps, and none of them are particularly flattering.

I first encountered Spade’s recent taxi theme in a smart little pointed-toe flat, and although it wasn’t my cup of tea, I could see it being pulled off in a way that’s both irreverent and stylish, similar to how people wear Charlotte Olympia’s famed cat flats. In fact, there are a lot of similarities to Olympia’s particular brand of tongue-in-cheek literalness going on at Kate Spade lately, which isn’t entirely shocking. Olympia’s aesthetic is wildly successful, and Spade is in a great position to capitalize on the sure demand for a similar angle at a more friendly price point.

It must be the shape, then, that’s the problem. To carry a look like this, the shoe either has to be totally understated and let its embellishment steal the show or just as wild as the embellishment itself, a fact which Olympia employs to mostly decent results. This shape, with its high heel and wide-open toe, is in the middle of the spectrum, though, and the embellishment is pulled back a bit, compared to the flat version. If you’re going to go this literal, you have to go all the way, and then you have to design around that decision. This shoe doesn’t quite get there. Play our weekly game in the comments below or pick up a pair of these shoes for $550 via Neiman Marcus.

  • comical and cheeky-childish. I can’t envision them being worn by an adult woman.

  • Anna


  • Gerard Q.


  • Staci

    Halloween ???

  • Larisa P

    disappointing. Really Kate Spade??

  • Lenny_mja

    Disappointing. But I would like to see someone try to pull them off so they look good. It would be a true nearly impossible success.

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