Selena Gomez wears Giuzeppe Zanotti sneaker wedges to kick off her tour (5)

I have nightmares about sneaker wedges and harem pants, and yet here are both, clad to the tiny frame of Selena Gomez, who happens to be kicking off her Stars Dance tour last week in Vancouver. Selena’s wearing white studded Giuseppe Zanotti Lorenz Sneaker Wedges. You can get a multi-tone leather pair of sneaker wedges from the same designer for $695 at Bloomingdale’s.

Pop starlets tend to save the designer footwear for the red carpet – wearing them on stage risks injury in a shoe style that’s not meant for dancing (but these are only sneaker wedges, after all). Selena stands apart from the pack, however; this is the second time this summer we’ve featured her in designer shoes on stage. Last time, we spotted her in Brian Atwood sandals, a style we prefer by leaps and bounds.

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  • tlb

    wait….what? Selena Gomez tours?

    • Emily Anderson

      YES! She’s an actress AND a pop star. I know, it’s extremely confusing.

  • kiwigirl

    I’m not sure why you guys are so down on the sneaker wedge trend… if you watched Dancing With the Stars tonight you’d have seen J-Lo make an appearance at her friend’s rehearsal and she was KILLING a pair of them… looked amazing on her! I’d love to know exactly what brand they were… probably Zanotti…

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