Burberry Prorsum Leather Ankle Boots

It should come as no surprise, that when it comes to buying shoes we’re extremely picky. When you spend your days constantly browsing through shoes, you begin to develop a keen sense for the types of shoes that work and which don’t. Although I’m rather select when it comes to purchasing sandals and stilettos, nothing compares to my pickiness for boots. I find myself nitpicking just about every boot until I find the perfect one. When I came across these Burberry Prorsum Leather Ankle Boots, I took one look and knew they were perfect.

I’ve said I’m over the platform heel, but with booties it’s a different story. Regardless of their ultra-sexy five-inch heel, the addition of the platform actually makes these booties comfortable and give you the ability to stay in them for longer periods of time with less pain. These booties are classic and elegant, and have a minimalistic approach to them, while still making a statement. As much as we’re loving our summer sun, these booties have us excited for fall to come and break these babies out. Available via The Outnet for $399.

  • Talktomyshoes

    These boots are great! I know exactly what you mean about pickiness when it comes to boots. I just spent the last couple years looking for a particular type of bootie and it wasn’t until 3 days ago I found them.
    These Burberrys are great, I’ll have to pick up a pair! Thanks for sharing!

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