Brian Atwood Cassandra Leopard Print Elaphe Pumps

Every time a trend swings away from one look and toward another, designers who’ve made their mark selling the old trend react with varying amounts of swiftness. Brian Atwood was one of the designers whose brand was notably left a bit in the lurch when fashion suddenly decided that it would abandon platform stilettos a few season back, and like Manolo Blahnik, who refused to make platforms, I thought Atwood might just plug away at the aesthetic he loves instead of adapting to the aesthetic that others currently favor. The Brian Atwood Cassandra Elaphe Pumps seem to indicate that he’s willing to play ball, though.

I’ve seen single-sole sandals and (of course) flats from Atwood in the past, so I thought that perhaps I had just missed previous, non-bridal versions of the Cassandra. As best as I can tell from my research, this is the shape’s debut. It’s a traditional pointed-toe pump with a four-inch heel, which is more or less a staple structure for most designer shoe lines right now. Atwood, of course, lends his own touch of over-the-top sexiness with coral and green leopard, layered on top of elaphe snakeskin. All of this can be yours for $850 via Net-a-Porter.


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