Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop Nail Polish

As someone so rudely reminded me yesterday, August is the last month of de facto summer. The season may not technically end until toward the end of September, but once Labor Day weekend comes and goes, everyone’s already mentally moved on to fall and no one gets any more summer Fridays. That’s particularly true in fashion – the second week of September is always New York Fashion Week, and there’s no surer sign that summer is ending than show requests and seating assignments. For that reason, I want to start out August with something girly and gleeful on my toes – something like Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop Nail Polish.

Pink polishes, especially light pink, have never been my personal cup of tea, but Lippmann’s signature combination of a semi-sheer base and tons upon tons of glitter makes this one irresistible. It looks like what you’d expect to find on the top of a cupcake at a little girl’s princess birthday party – sugary pink frosting with a thick layer of sprinkles. I don’t think of most polishes as being seasonal (especially for your toes – no one’s going to see if you have coral toenails in the winter anyway), but this one is just too exuberant to wear any other time of year. It necessitates warm weather and girlish sandals, preferably with a little bit of shiny embellishment of their own. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $19.

  • sara

    You are correct, Amanda. My four year old daughter would LOVE this polish!

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