Oprah wears Jimmy Choo silver-to-black pumps for her Late Show appearance (5)

We so rarely get the opportunity to talk about Oprah or anything she puts on her body. Let us all join hands and relish in this moment together! Oprah recently paid a rare visit (her first in 8 years!) to The David Letterman Show in a pair of gorgeous silver and black Jimmy Choo Luna Degradé Pumps. You can get her fabulous pumps in a champagne colorway for $875 at Jimmy Choo.

Oprah seldom does interviews with media outlets other than the ones she owns, but she’s been making the press rounds to promote her new movie, the historical drama The Butler. We all know that Oprah stars in exactly one film per decade (It’s true, look it up. TV movies don’t count.), so this one is probably worth your $10.

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