Amanda Seyfried wears Givenchy sandals to the "Lovelace" movie premiere (5)

Amanda Seyfried is a sexy gal. Givenchy is a sexy brand. So it seems natural that Givenchy would tap Ms. Seyfried as the face for their 2013 ad campaigns. Amanda recently demonstrated her affinity for the brand (and her deep appreciation for their undoubtedly very lucrative business relationship) by showing up at the NYC premiere of her provocative new film Lovelace wearing head-to-toe Givenchy. Her shoes are the Givenchy Two Strap Sandals, and her denim dress is also Givenchy. If you’d like to get a similarly edgy look, these Givenchy Shark Tooth Clasp Sandals are $850 at

I’d say what are the odds that you’d play an infamous porn star in a Oscar-buzzworthy film AND land a Givenchy ad campaign in the same year, but I think we all know they’re very, very high. The crossection of sex and celebrity is where Givenchy does some of its best marketing work. And yet, so far they’ve only used Amanda in a few fairly tame perfume ads and a couture campaign where she wears a baggy sweater with Bambi on it. You know what, maybe I’m thinking of Gucci…

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  • norma fay

    I really like these sandals,
    but they are really overpriced. I found a MUCH better deal on my sandals at Burlington. They were about half the department store price and I love the style.

    • gigi

      shut up burlington pr.

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