Chloe Ballet Flats Butter

I’ve always been a fan of the Chloe Scalloped Ballet Flats. They’re the epitome of the essential flat. Ranging in color from camel to metallics, their simple design and cute details have always had a tiny piece of my heart. Despite the fact that I’ve looked at these flats what seems like tens of thousands of times online, I had never actually tried on a pair until this last weekend.

With Barneys’ shoe sale in full swing, I couldn’t help but make a trip to check out the selection. After hours upon hours of playing dress up in the sale section and trying on a number of different shoes, I made my way towards to the back of the room, where the Chloe Ballet Flats stared back and me so innocently and were just begging to be bought. Naturally, I couldn’t help myself but try on a pair, and when I did, I think my feet were transported to heaven.

I can honestly say that the majority of flats I’ve bought over the years – and let me tell you, I’ve bought plenty – have been rather uncomfortable in the early stages of wear. It’s not until after a few weeks of really breaking them in that flats start to become comfortable, except when it comes to these Chloe flats. The second I tried them on, I wasn’t sure that my feet were ever going to let them go. I made my two girlfriends try them on as well, just to make sure it wasn’t just me. Sure enough, the three of us found ourselves oohing and ahhing into the mirror as we examined these tiny delights. The only possible way to describe them if you’ve never tried a pair on is simply butter. (And who doesn’t like butter?!) The leather is soft and thin, while still being sturdy and durable. They hug your feet perfectly without having a stiff structure, and not to mention that they look adorable on just about everyone.

If you’re looking for a comfortable flat to help transition you into fall, look no further because these are the answer to all your prayers. If you want to score a pair of these buttery leather flats, you can shop them via Neiman Marcus.

  • I’m sorry, but they’re ugly.

    • Anna

      dont you know, comfy shoes are ugly shoes 🙂 its the truth universally acknowledged!

  • Sandra

    I agree, there is little amazing about the way they look. I think it is all in the construction and the fact they are a perfect basic for any wardrobe. I prefer the Valentino Rockstud….amazing looking, amazing shape to them….and for me they are comfortable.

    • shueaddict

      I am thinking of taking the 600+ EUR plunge and treat myself to a pair of rockstud flats …been obssesing for far too long

  • Still Standing

    Flats that feel like butter?! That really does sound quite amazing – and very intriguing. I’m going to have to check these out!

    xox L and L of

  • Ana

    I’ve tried these on, and they DO feel as soft as butter! But as much as I loved touching them, I didn’t purchase them for the exact same reason. Isn’t it better to have a little more structure in a shoe? I was worried that they would be hard to keep on my feet after some time …

  • QuelleFromage

    I have these, and while they are lovely and soft, they don’t last very well…they are a bit too much like slippers.

  • lily

    they look good on the shelves, not on the feet (make them look fat and wide).

  • heyyeh

    while obviously the design is a rip off of these Chloe flats, I found these Sam Edelman Maria flats to be extremely comfortable as well. Especially for 10% of the price..

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