Something about summer always has me going shoe crazy. Maybe it’s the beautiful weather, the crazy sale prices or the excitement of getting to wear all my colorful accessories, but I buy more shoes during the summer than I do any other time of the year. Usually, I never tend to stick to just one designer to make sure that I have plenty of variety when it comes to getting dressed. This summer, though, I have not stopped crushing on just about every Aquazzura shoe on the market since they first came to the states.

Seeing as how the Aquazzura name is relatively new to the world of designer shoes, the Italian brand is certainly doing something right. The cutout booties and lace up sandals have “summer” written all over them. They’re elegant, practical, stylish and timeless all at the same time – something that’s usually pretty hard to find when it comes to world of footwear. As much as I continue to crush on everything the brand puts out, I’m anxiously awaiting what’s to come for the fall collection. Take a look at some of my favorites from the brand.

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  • Jeniffer

    I also love them, but I have a small clarification. Aquazurra is, indeed, a italian-based brand. But his designer, owner and creative director is Edgardo Osorio, a colombian guy. I tough it was important to tell you guys that.

    Greetings and all the love to your blog!

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