Ashley Olsen out and about in NYC

Birkenstocks and similar sandals tend to be the kind of shoes that inspire spirited disagreement. “Birkenstocks are great! “No, they’re terrible!” “They’re not any worse than flip-flops!” “You shouldn’t be wearing flip-flops either, you’re an adult!” “You just haven’t seen the newer styles and colors!” “I can’t see them because the image of brown suede clogs is burned into my retinas!” You get the idea.

In my mind, Birkenstocks fall into the same category as UGGs. They’re shoes that almost everyone who cares about shoes has owned at some point in her life, and for many of us, we secretly or not-so-secretly own them now. (I have both grey UGGs and a Birkenstock-like pair of Naot sandals in my closet, although only the sandals get to leave a five-block radius of my apartment.) That goes doubly for celebrities, many of whom are surprisingly casual when left to their own devices and not dolled up by a stylist. It was celebs (or Ashley Olsen in particular) who inspired me to re-open my mind to this style of footwear last year, so if any of you are on the fence for the end of summer, we’ve found some celebrity inspiration that might sway you one way or the other. Check out stars and their Birkenstocks below.

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  • Larisa P

    I will be happy to die saying that I never owned a pair of Birkenstocks or UGGs.

  • Jen

    I own a pair of the thongs like the Olsen above. Although they aren’t for everyone, they are cute on some people.


    MKA started this trend like 10 years ago, when I was in highschool all the LA girls had them after they made their Olsens debut….plus mine have lasted that entire time, still look cute…love my birx

  • Lisa

    I bought Birkenstock sandals due to pain in my heals. I always love to wear them around the house because they are so comfortable and my heal pain was gone after wearing about a week.

  • birkenstock

    ich tra gen e so schuhe

  • birkenstock

    ich fiken gerne an

  • birkenstock

    mein fein tsei nwiss und rosa mit 3 rimchen

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