RGB Classic Red Nail Polish

I own a couple hundred bottles of nail polish (I know, I know – I should be stopped), but among them, there’s no true red. There are a few red glitters and a couple of multichromes that have a flash of deep wine red here and there, but no red red. My partially-bright-purple hair is probably enough to let most people know right off the bat that I’m not much of a traditionalist, but I do think I need a bottle of RGB Classic Red Nail Polish in my life.

My lack of red polish is particularly bizarre when you consider that I went to and still ardently root for a college in whose lore the color red figures prominently – the University of Georgia. That allegiance has caused me to buy lots of red things over the past decade, and this RGB polish is a dead ringer for the school’s official color. College football season is only a little over a month away, so for me, that’s reason enough to spend the $18 right there.

If you’re not a UGA fan (and do realize that most of you are not), there’s still plenty of reasons to add this polish to your collection. First, RGB makes great quality nail products. Second, this is a bright, deep, true red – it doesn’t lean toward pink or orange or coral, which almost all red polishes tend to, and that makes it a perfect shade for the transitional period between summer and fall that we’re about to enter. It’s probably about time that I fill the red gap in my collection, and this is how I intend to do it. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $18.


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