Charlotte Olympia Linda Sandals

By now, you might have picked up on the fact that Bea really doesn’t care for most of Charlotte Olympia’s shoes. Although my feelings are a little softer, I can’t really blame her. I’ve been covering the brand for a couple years now and watched the evolution of designer Charlotte Dellal’s quirky designs, Bea’s coming into Charlotte Olympia mid-stream, and I can only imagine that’s a bit…jarring. If designs like the Charlotte Olympia Linda Sandals got as much attention as her shoes with faces on them, though, perhaps more people would understand my position.

As much as I love a weird shoe, getting too weird just looks cheap, like in the case of the Charlotte Olympia sandals Bea posted about last week. What Dellal’s weirdness stems from is an eye for detail, though, and when that’s employed in a less literal way – like on these beautiful, intricate white sandals – the results can be amazing. This shoe isn’t trying to be cute or clever or imitate something familiar, it’s just trying to be a luxurious, well-crafted shoe. It’s a goal that the design fulfills wholeheartedly. In particular, if you’re a late-summer bride who doesn’t want to torture herself in heels all day, these sandals would be a perfect choice. Buy through Moda Operandi for $1,255.

  • JaneH

    They’re beautiful! Reminds me of clouds on a lazy summer day..

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