Simone Rocha Patent Leather Brogues

I took one look at the Simone Rocha Patent Leather Brogues and all I could think was, “SUSIE BUBBLE. IMMEDIATELY.”

If you’re not familiar with Susie Bubble, her real name is Susanna Lau and she’s the British proprietor of a personal style blog called Style Bubble. I’m normally a bit of a hater when it comes to personal style bloggers, but Susie is one of the few exceptions in my morning reading roundup. Lau worked in fashion before her blog took off, making her a knowledgable, likable source of style inspiration that goes far beyond the average girl getting her photo taken in the West Village by her begrudging boyfriend. (Seriously, I don’t know who reads those blogs.)

Susie’s known for an outsize style presence that favors bright colors, bold prints, inventive proportions and interesting textiles. Bubble is also one of the few fashion personalities I know of who regularly adds flats and brogues to the usual lineup of stilettos and platforms, and to me, that makes her infinitely more interesting. Lau also tends to favor young, boundary-breaking British designers, so that would make these Simone Rocha lucite-heels brogues a perfect fit for her. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she already has them in her closet. If you want to have them in yours, pick them up for $945 via Net-a-Porter.

Alternately, let us know who you imagine these shoes on!

  • I imagine Mia Wasikowska in them, she has the quirk factor. These shoes were once worn on the red carpet too- by Saoirse Ronan.

  • Sandra

    On a nurse maybe…I think they are horrible!

  • shueaddict

    Why, Amanda, how about yourself?

    • Would totally wear them in black. Without hesitation.

  • Larisa P

    tap dancing.

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