Shoe Battles: Alexander McQueen vs. Versace

Black and gold is not exactly a revolutionary color combination in that florals for spring, groundbreaking way, but when done in an aggressive or orante way, it can be pretty eye-catching and luxurious. After all, who doesn’t need her life to be a little more…gilded? It’s also a chic, reliable color combination for cooler weather, and with fall’s trend for metallic embellishments, it’s a quick, neutral way to get the look. Black and gold can go in a lot of different directions, though, as demonstrated helpfully by both the Alexander McQueen Embellished Velvet Slippers and Versace Studded High Top Sneakers.

These two shoes are at opposite ends of the aesthetic spectrums and demonstrate the disparate things going on in footwear right now. On the one hand, the McQueen slippers have a refined, old-world luxury feel to them, with the plush velvet base and ornate golden embroidery. These are the kind of shoes that rich people wear in novels that took place a century ago. A Downton Abbey character would totally be into these, but only one of the wealthy ones.

These Versace sneakers, on the other hand, take the black-on-gold look in a completely different direction. Streetwear is a huge influence in fashion right now, and designer sneakers are as popular as they’ve ever been. Gold embellishments are a Versace brand signature, and on sneakers, which are supposed to be bold, it feels a little less ridiculous than it might elsewhere. Plus, the studs of varying sizes combine to form an interesting pattern on the side of the shoe. Who’s gonna wear these first, Rihanna or Miley Cyrus?

I leave it up to you – which pair of shoes pulls off the black and gold look with more aplomb?

Versace Studded Leather High Tops
$1,525 via Net-a-Porter

Versace Studded Leather High Tops

Alexander McQueen Embellished Velvet Slippers
$780 via Net-a-Porter

Alexander McQueen Embellished Velvet Slippers
  • Anjum Hameed

    Miley Cyrus!..

  • I don’t get the designer sneaker thing going on right now, I don’t like it either, I prefer Vans and Converse wayyy more! But the McQueens however, are a beauty.

    • shueaddict

      fully agree … I am do not wear Vans / Converse myslef ( I am too boring) but I have quite a few cool friends with a cool attitudes that combine them beautifully with other designer duds. You said it before, it’s all about confidence, not about paying half a grand for glorified Vans

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