NARS x Pierre Hardy Sharks Nail Polish Set

In general, I’m not a fan of nail art for the feet. It can be cute on fingernails, but once you get down to the floor, is anyone really going to be close enough to your toes to see that they’re actually painted like tiny beach balls? Probably not. Probably it’s just going to make your pedicure look weird. When it comes to combining colors in a single pedicure, though, I’m more open-minded, and it seems like the NARS + Pierre Hardy Sharks Nail Polish Set is just what the doctor (or pedicurist, which is…sort of like a doctor) ordered.

Pierre Hardy makes great shoes, so it’s not entirely surprising that his polishes, which are part of a larger cosmetics collab with NARS, are exactly the kind of thing I want to see peeking out from my sandals. With this set, I think I’d put the light purple shade on my big toes, with the yellow accenting the other four nails on each foot. Yellow polish is notoriously tricky to get even and opaque, but on several small canvases, those potential flaws (which I’ve heard aren’t much of a worry with this particular yellow) wouldn’t be apparent. The purple would do the heavy lifting, and it’d be like having ten tiny Easter eggs on your feet, except without the drawing that no one would be able to see anyway. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $29.


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