Sharone Osbourne wears (carries?) red suede Manolo Blahnik pumps in London (5)

Here’s Sharon Osbourne, leaving a UK X Factor get-together in London with her fellow judges from the show. She is obviously hammered and has absolutely had it with her Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps, which makes her one of the most relatable celebrities on the planet this week. These have possibly been in her collection for a while – the current BBs don’t have tonal leather lining. You can snag your own pair of suede BBs in every color of the rainbow for $595 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The ladies of TalkShoes collectively tip our hats to you, Sharon! Here’s to dressing up for a fun night out and then drinking so much that the idea of walking in high heels turns into an unbearable mind-eff. (That’s why I always opt for fancy flats or boots when I know there’s going to be a moderate amount of inebriation in the near future.) Cheers!

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  • Jen

    Ha, ha! This photo makes my day. What a crack up!!

  • florcom

    Celebrities feet hurt in high heels just like everybody else. The difference is that they have to suffer to look good as part of their jobs.

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