Now that the entire world is aware of Jay-Z’s love for Tom Ford, I thought I should make you aware of mine. Tom Ford has always held a special place in my heart, and although I can’t pinpoint why exactly, I would be a very happy girl if I were forced to wear solely his designs for the rest of my life. Actually, even if I were forced to wear these Tom Ford Padlock Ankle-Wrap Pumps for every waking minute of my life, I would be very happy.

As shameful as it may sound, Kim Kardashian was the celebrity that truly turned me on these shoes over a year ago. She rocked a pair in white and styled them beautifully with a bright cerulean skirt; I’ve been in love ever since. The padlock shoe is the perfect marriage of fierce and feminine. The delicate ankle strap, in combination with the edgy padlock and pointed toe, results in a nearly perfect shoe. My only concern with it would be the padlock bothering me when I walk, but I’m almost certain I’d get over that rather quickly.

These padlock pumps may very well hold the key your heart (as they do mine), but they’ll definitely set you back a pretty penny. After all, they are Tom Ford, and if there’s one thing Tom Ford is, it’s expensive. If you decide to make the jump, you can purchase them via Neiman Marcus.

Tom Ford Padlock Ankle-Wrap Black Leather Pumps
$1,250 via Neiman Marcus

Tom Ford Padlock Pumps Black

Tom Ford Padlock Ankle-Wrap Pink Suede Pumps
$1,150 via Neiman Marcus

Tom Ford Padlock Pumps Pink
  • anna

    ummm louis vuitton copycat

  • shueaddict

    while I like the padlock I am put off by the gold tip heel, that kind of detail tends to shorten legs and for some reason I can’t explain it seems to cheapen the shoe.

    I am not in the habit of buying shoes over 1k at full price, but I can think of a few other designers giving Tom Ford a run for his money in the shoe department.

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