Fendi V-Neck Fur Ankle Boots

The Fendi V-Neck Fur Ankle Boots were a source of much office debate just now. Bea? Bea is not having these at all. Me? My feelings are a little bit softer, and the more I imagine them on a foot, the softer they get. In fact, they’re so soft that they might be…downright positive.

I didn’t start out that way, so I’ll forgive you if your first instinct is revulsion. There is, admittedly, quite a bit going on here. A lot of look. First, we’ve got zebra-print calf hair, which is usually enough to carry a shoe on its own. Then we’ve got fur trim, but not just one color of fur trim. Not only is there tonal white, but also a pop of orange, just for good measure. In case you thought that would be all you’re getting, the whole thing is punctuated by a sculptural metallic heel. Which is, of course, not to mention the exaggerated shape of the whole shoe.

To me, these shoes come alive when you picture them on someone’s leg. Someone fabulous. Someone who can pull off absolutely anything. In that context, these boots look like fanciful, sculptural additions to an outfit that should probably be otherwise simple. I know that this will perhaps not be a popular opinion, but I could imagine these booties looking absolutely great.

Agree? Disagree? Either way, pick up these shoes for $1,700 via Neiman Marcus.

  • Sandra

    This pair of shoes are perfect for Cruella Deville..

  • Anna Dello Russo will rock the s*it out of them

  • Jerri R

    Looks like a decapitated skunk.

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