Tom Ford Over the Knee Boots

They made it to retail! You know they would. So did I. Some of Tom Ford’s Fall 2013 Runway Over-the-Knee Boots got translated to more market-friendly colors and materials, but a couple of them are still here in all their weird glory. And this is just the Bergdorf/Neiman Marcus buy! I’m betting that specialty retailers will have some of the styles that are missing here (like Rihanna’s black-and-white version, maybe?), which is a win for people who love weird fashion. By now, you know that’s me.

Besides the shades-of-pink thing going on up there (and it’s black counterpart), you also have some more wearable options: a black-to-purple ombre calf hair boot that perfectly matches my hair, plus a comparatively boring (but objectively very sexy) black leather OTK boot with a really cool zipper detail at the back. Check ’em out below, and when we find other versions of the zany runway styles, we’ll update you.

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  • Emily Cobena

    YAA!!! Tall boots over your skinny jeans! Its such a cute look! But it is important to find a reliable place for nice and attractive over the knee and super wide calf boots.

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