Daphne Guinness wears crystal-covered heelless shoes to Mick Jagger's birthday party (5)

Heiress and avid couture patron Daphne Guinness recently donned a pair of striking crystal-covered heelless shoes to attend Mick Jagger’s 70th birthday party at LouLou in London. Daphne is rather notorious for her taste in tall, sculptural heels – in fact, she often has them customized to her specifications or made specifically for her feet. We don’t have any designer info on these creations, but perhaps if we’re lucky, Daphne will drop by and provide us with a few details on this maybe-bespoke pair – she’s graced us with her presence in the comments section once or twice before here on TS!

If you share Daphne’s adventurous taste in footwear, you can obtain a similar look with a pair of crystal-studded Giuseppe Zanottis, available at Neiman Marcus for $987. Get an additional 25% off today only during Neiman’s Handbag & Shoe Sale! I’m curious – who here has gone heelless, and from a logistical standpoint, how does it compare to walking in platforms or high heels?

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  • Nathan

    Aren’t these Noritaka Tatehana? I could be wrong, however I’m sure they are.

    • david

      agree, she usually gets them from tatehana

  • Juma

    Noritaka Tatehana totally.

  • Fashion Accessories Fanatic

    This designer is flashy!

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