Salma Hayek wears Casadei Lucite Heel Platform Pumps to The Tonight Show (5)

Here’s Salma Hayek, exiting The Tonight Show in NYC while wearing a striking pair of black leather Casadei Lucite Heel Platform Pumps. I have a special spot in my heart for lucite, mostly because of its correlation to midcentury design, but it’s been fun to watch this trend work its way through designer footwear. These pumps certainly have a bit of their own retro twist, and right now you can get them for a whopping 50% off – they’re just $540 at FarFetch. Plus, score an additional 20% off with code “x20” through July 14th!

We’re actually a little surprised to see Salma in Casadeis – it’s somewhat rare that she dons designer goods from companies that aren’t owned by Kering when making public appearances. Kering is a holding company run by her husband that has a significant stake in luxury brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen. Casadei isn’t included in their portfolio as of yet. But who could resist these sky-high lucite delights, especially when they’re half price?

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  • sara

    Love Salma.

  • Subtext.

    high heel.

  • anjajd

    A stripper shoe is a stripper shoe, no matter how nicely you dress it up and name it… no matter how high the price. I refuse to think these and similar lucite shoes are classy or fashionable given that lucite shoes are a staple wardrobe item for women of a less… tasteful profession.

    • anjajd

      Don’t get me wrong… I do love Salma Hayek… but I think she could do better.

    • disqus_Uevo2qpcDo

      UGH no. First of all, what is even wrong with stripper shoes anyway? Why is it “less tasteful” when it’s someone doing what they’re doing for a living but it’s something super special when dita von teese does it? Sit down please, you’re gross.

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