Khloe Kardashian wears Timberland Premium Boots in LA (5)

Earlier this week, we featured Kris Jenner rocking a pair of rockstud Valentino heels, and now, on the opposite side of the spending spectrum, we have Khloe Kardashian offering up her unique spin on the grunge/Rosie the Riveter look in a pair of Timberland Premium Boots in LA. It’s rare that you see any Kardashian sister so dressed down, but we kind of dig it. DIY Daisy Dukes have been a particular fave with the celeb set this summer, for whatever reason – flannels, not so much! They seem a tad unseasonal for LA in mid-July. You can grab those signature Timberland boots for $150 at

Style notes aside, I’m not quite sure how one could clunk around in these Timberlands when they’re so loosely laced. We so rarely see the Kardashians in regular footwear…in fact, we almost exclusively see them in pumps, heels, sandals, and boots. Is it possible that they were never taught how to tie their own shoes? I’m starting that ridiculous rumor RIGHT HERE.

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  • shueaddict

    back in the day when grunge was in (many many years ago), I used the tied flannel shirt to cover what I thought (then) to be a big bum … ahhh …youth is wasted on the young they say .
    now, the only thing I could use from this look is that Chanel

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