Isabel Marant Nowles Hidden Wedge Ski Booties

Last week, I saw a friend of mine tweet a link to the Isabel Marant Nowles Hidden Wedge Ski Booties and lament the fact that, even though they look…how they look, they are Isabel Marant, and that means someone she knows is going to end up buying them anyway. When I read that, I both laughed and sighed because I know it was true; no matter how ridiculous (and sometimes just plain ugly) Marant’s designs sometimes are, she has some kind of weird, hypnotic power over a certain sector of uber-fashionable women, which includes the power to force them to make horrible (and horribly expensive) decisions.

As a genre, ski and ski-inspired boots are generally all quite ugly. They’re clunkier than the much-reviled UGGs and require that the wearer constantly look like she’s about to walk on the moon, and I see no advantage in encouraging the weak-willed to wear them off the slopes and among the general population. At least when Marant added a wedge to a high-top sneaker, the starting point for the design reference was a point of chic nostalgia for most who bought them. Now, we just have a non-functional moon boot with a heel. Aren’t we lucky.

If you’re so inclined (and I must ardently warn you against it, lest you look like a fashion victim), these shoes are available for $840 via Net-a-Porter in two colors.

  • shueaddict

    oh dear !!! I thought Uggs were the epitome of ugly, I guess I was wrong.

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